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COVID-19 Guidelines

We at Cynthia's Boutique are committed to providing the utmost safety to our clientele and staff.  We are following state/local and CDC COVID-19 guidelines to provide a safe environment.

1. All staff are required to wear masks, and it is now mandated by the Governor of Ohio and Mayor of Akron that clientele must wear a mask in the store.  If you do not have one, we can provide one for you to use. 

2. Hand sanitizer is readily available for your use.

3.  When trying on clothes, we ask that you use a provided scarf for putting clothes on and taking off.  Leave items you are not purchasing in the dressing room and place scarf in the basket provided.  Scarves will be washed daily.  Each client receives a freshly cleaned scarf for one time use. All clothing that is tried on is steamed afterwards and left to dry for several hours to prevent possible spread of the virus.

4. 6 ft social distancing guidelines are being followed. We will limit capacity (max 10) as needed to maintain this distance while our clientele shop. We will provide areas outside the shop to wait if needed.

5. We provide contactless checkout.  You will be provided a sanitized pen for your use if needed.

6. We are performing enhanced cleaning of the boutique, especially high touch areas, on a regular basis.

7. We ask that is you are not feeling well to please stay home.  We do offer online shopping at

7. If you feel uncomfortable shopping during our regular store hours, please contact us to set up a private shopping time.